HyperCash (HC) News

HyperCash is the project which is designed to offer the transfer between blockchains and between the blockchain and blockless cryptocurrencies. It is unique because it claims to have already solved the quantum resistance issue. It supports smart contracts, DAO governance, and private transactions. The HyperCash team is based in Australia and China. They have good advisory and support, but the core development team is not known. Many cryptocurrencies work on the blockchain. They use some form of the mining to create blocks which hold the transaction ledgers. The bad side is that there’s no way where one blockchain can communicate with another blockchain. The HyperCash solution works as a side chain for blockchain and DAG currencies. It will create two concurrent networks- one blockchain based and a second DAG based network. This network will work together to develop interoperability between blockchains and cryptocurrencies. To achieve the necessary privacy HCash has implemented zero-knowledge proofs which have already been implemented by the ZCash blockchain. Zero-knowledge proofs mask the identity of both sender and receiver using cryptography to verify transactions while keeping the information private. So, the blocks do not have personally identifiable information.
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