LATOKEN is a crypto exchange which is growing rapidly. It is a newcomer in the crypto industry and was established in July 2018. LATOKEN is a multi-asset trading platform and not only a crypto exchange. It intends to launch trading in asset tokens like real estate and stocks in the coming future. Bringing real estate to the world of blockchain will diversify the trading of the crypto holders. LAToken (LA) is the base currency at the exchange. Apart from LA, the exchange allows its users to trade in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. The list includes Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), VeChain, Tron, EOS, Augur, USDT, TenX, and many other rare coins. LATOKEN has a web-based trading platform which is based on DAG technology. The designing of the platform is simple, and the digital currencies are traded against BTC, ETH, LA, and USDT. The exchange has a 4-layer transactions security system, and it uses 2-factor authentication to verify logins. To ensure the security of the funds, the exchange stores 99.5% of the user’s funds in cold storage. The exchange is built on advanced distributed system architecture to protect against DDoS to ensure that the hackers do not halt trading. LATOKEN is a unique crypto exchange which is in its phase of development. It is a secure platform to trade in digital currencies.
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