Being the third generation blockchain, MOAC intends to resolve a few of Ethereum and Bitcoin’s biggest issues by utilizing multi-layered architecture, smart contracts, cross chain, and sidechain capabilities. Mother of All Chains (MOAC) emerged as the network which has a multi-layered architecture and allows for Cross-chain and MicroChains transactions. Its multi-layered blockchain allows users to create their blockchain known as microchain. Basic token MOAC transfer takes place on MOAC’s blockchain base layer, and all transactions with smart contracts occur on sidechains. By utilizing side chains, the main chain won’t get congested. The microchains of MOAC are quite flexible and can also support the consensus model of the creator’s choice. MOAC present supply is nearly 62 million with nearly 94 million in reserve. The MOAC coins are utilized to pay out for computation with MOAC as well as create Microchains. MOAC uses Proof of Work (PoW) systems that allow the miner to mine both main chains and sub chains. Moreover, mining could be done easily from mobile devices. The PoW algorithms deter any third party interface completely, including disavowal of spamming and service attacks. Sharding, which is a great way to allocate processing power, is another vital feature of MOAC.
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