Nano News

Nano (NANO) just like other cryptocurrencies was launched with the aim to replace fiat currency. But on a long-term note, it was designed and then launched with an aim to bring revolution in the world of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. It was marketed as one of the cryptocurrencies with zero transaction fee with less energy consumption. The algorithm used by Nano (NANO) is called Direct Acrylic Graph algorithm and has its own technology called block lattice architecture which means that every individual user has their own blockchain which is called account chain. The market value of Nano (NANO) has seen a steady rise ever since its evolution in the market, and this gives the user a clear indication that it has been liked by everyone. There are many things that work in favor of it, which also makes it more attractive than its contemporaries. The amount of data required for the storage is much less as compared to others as every transaction on this platform creates a new block replacing the older one. The transactions are also real time on this platform meaning that they are updated as soon as they complete giving it an edge over many other cryptocurrencies.
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