NavCoin (NAV) News

Established in 2014, NavCoin (NAV) comes without an ICO or pre-mine and belongs to the older class of cryptocurrency which came before the current ICO wave. As a cryptocurrency, NavCoin (NAV) is intended to be simple to use and anonymous. NAV is intended for secure, fast, and cheap peer-to-peer payment and is driven to lower the costs of doing business. NavCoin (NAV) is built upon Bitcoin (BTC) code, but developers make many changes like adding sub-chain known as NavTech to the main blockchain. It allows mixing and transactions anonymization of NavCoin blockchain. NavCoin (NAV) uses proof of stake (PoS) algorithm. Ever since the launch of NavCoin (NAV), fast transactions has been one of its strongest points. NavCoin (NAV) has block confirmations in every 30 seconds. NavCoin (NAV) has a standardized transaction fee of 0.0001 NAV only. The current capacity is around 260+ transactions/second, alongside the active research in layer 2 scaling solution. It funds itself utilizing the most superior community funds built ever. It is, thus, known as the first fully autonomous, fully decentralized fund which the community controls only. Moreover, privacy has been a central element of NAV, from original NavTech to upcoming improvements.
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