Nebulas (NAS) News

One of the most popular and self-evolving blockchain systems, Nebula (NAS) is a decentralized platform designed with an aim to provide a search framework for all the blockchains. This platform has been cited as the new Google in the crypto community, and the reason behind this saying is the operations conducted by it. Its main focus lies on searching among different decentralized applications alongside with smart contracts as well as blockchain assets. The main long term goal of this blockchain system is to convert the public data into private data so that all the big organizations like Google, Facebook and many more can no longer make a profit with the help of these data. It also has a rank called Nebula rank which gives you an insight into the highest rated decentralized applications. Another strong feature known as Nebula Force helps the blockchain to adapt the ongoing market demands. There is a developer incentive protocol which is responsible for transparency among the developers. One of the most important features is called lighting network wallet with the help of which you can swap your Nebulas (NAS) for lighting network enabled coins. With these features, it is clear that this Google for blockchain is the best self-evolving blockchain system.
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