NEO News

In this world of cryptocurrency, now and then, there is a new project which offers something new, something exciting making this world very exciting and engaging. The most recent one to join this race is NEO which people also call Ethereum’s killer. The reason why it has gained this name is its ability to fix all the problems that haven’t been solved by older cryptocurrencies. The first of many decentralized, open source cryptocurrency and blockchain platform to launch in China, NEO definitely has very exciting features which makes it very famous and reliable. It is one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies out there as it has managed to give a very strong return to its investors. NEO also has its own crypto token which is known as GAS. NEO was launched into the market with a very clear and strong goal which was to distribute network precisely for the rise of the smart economy and which is why it is tagged as a distributed network for the smart economy. NEO has the aim of converting the traditional assets into the digital one with the help of smart contracts which will also result in creating an identity for organizations and individuals in digital form.
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