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Nxt is a decentralized ecosystem consisting of decentralized features. It has been referred to as blockchain 2.0 because of the fact that the developers have created a new code instead of modifying the original Bitcoin source code making this platform completely new in the world of cryptocurrency. One of the most exciting features of this platform is that you can represent any asset, be it bonds, movie tickets or anything else on this platform and exchange them through a peer to peer exchange. There is a monetary system on this platform which gives you an authority to create your own cryptocurrency and trade it anytime on the platform or on any other exchange who supports the Nxt monetary system. There is no intermediary involved in this platform meaning that you can sell any kind of goods without any worries. The selling and buying of digital goods are available on this platform meaning that once you purchase a good you receive a link to download that digital good you, just purchased. You can also send a message along with the transaction, and that message will be completely encrypted meaning that no third party can see that message. There is also coin shuffling which is used to anonymize your coins.
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    Nxt Surges 12 Percent Higher Against U.S. Dollar After Recent Dip of 8.2 Percent

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