Peercoin (PPC) News

Launched in 2012, Peercoin (PPC) is an optional cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin framework. When it comes to market capitalization, PPC is one among the pioneering cryptocurrencies. It is the very first digital currency which utilizes a blend of proof of work (POW) and proof of stake (POS). PPC intends to resolve the inefficiency issue of POW which is utilized by Bitcoin and other coins utilizing their POS system. It uses a blend of both systems, POS and POW. Peercoin (PPC) has more than 238 commits and more than 100 contributors to the GitHub source code. While most of the traditional coins have maximum coins supply set like Litecoin (84 million), Bitcoin (21 million), Peercoin (PPC) has no cap on its maximum supply. Moreover, it intends for very long-term energy efficacy as it employs Proof of stake and Proof of work. It aims to reach zero mining levels for the POW model and shift completely to full POS model. Rewards in Bitcoin (BTC) mining fluctuates depending on many factors, while in PPC it decreases gradually. This gradually decreasing model really makes it simple to do a shift from POW to POS. Unlike most of the coins which follow variable transactions model, PPC follows protocol defined model only for a transaction fee, set presently at nearly 0.01 PPCoin per transaction.
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