PRIZM (PZM) is a self-regulating and fully decentralized digital currency. It’s the newest cryptocurrency concept which lets users transfer money quickly securely. PRIZM is a 100 percent proof-of-stake (POS) cryptocurrency depending on NEXT- kernel, built on Java with open source code. The exclusive PRIZM POS algorithm doesn’t depend on the implementation of “coin-age” idea utilized by other POS cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it’s resistant to “nothing at stake” attack. PRIZM (PZM) are redistributed simply by incorporating the transaction fee awarded to any account whenever it creates a block successfully. The procedure is called forging, and it’s similar to the concept of mining utilized by other cryptocurrencies. The main features of PRIZM include POS forging typing, partnership program 88 level in structure, user-friendly interface for mobile devices, NEXT/POS core of cryptosystem, users passwords are not sent to service. It also mixes two technologies para mining and forging simultaneously, known as ParaMining. The source codes tend to be closed, to a specific limit, as a protection against the clones which guarantee that the system would be liquid. Furthermore, PZM utilizes modern eco-crypto technology POS, rather than energy consuming and labor consuming system POW.
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