Siacoin (SC) News

The world of cryptocurrencies is getting more and more crowded with a number of cryptocurrencies launching now and then, but in this crowded place there has been a cryptocurrency which has managed to stand out, and the name is Siacoin (SC). It is a cryptocurrency for an open source, blockchain based decentralized cloud storage platform where the cloud storage is encrypted as well, giving it an upper hand over other such platforms and the name of that platform is Sia. This platform caters to those users who are having a very hard time trusting these platform with their data, but this platform has managed to build some trust in the mind of their customers which is why its popularity has increased. The cryptocurrency used to develop this platform is Siacoin as we have discussed above and it is a very special cryptocurrency as its purpose is to execute file storage contracts on this blockchain based decentralized cloud storage platform. Any user who is willing to rent out some extra space on their personal computer to this network can get paid in Siacoin (SC), and anyone who wants to use Sia storage needs to pay this cryptocurrency to the host who is willing to rent out their space.
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