Stakenet (XSN) News

StakeNet is world’s first Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS) coin that allows its users to safely stake their XSN coins in cold wallet storage using the ledger hardware wallets. The system of StakeNet also provides masternodes, and regular PoS to make its users earn passive income. Trustless staking is the unique staking method of StakeNet which works with triple based encryption and creates a gateway for cold staking. XSN has created a third key called as Shared key instead of only public and private keys. This has let the third party do the staking with high bandwidth internet connection for a commission that was promised between the parties. With TPoS, a user only shares his “shared key” of the wallet with the merchants to have coin stake on the network. This frees a user from the hassle of keeping the computer open 24/7 and from the freedom/security of keeping the coins in the cold wallet. The staking rewards of the XSN are split between the masternodes, staking nodes and treasury. Mastercodes receive 45%, staking rewards will also get 45% of the blocks for leaving the nodes online. Rest 10% will go to the treasury as an extra fund for future development of XSN.
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