Stratis (STRAT) News

Stratis (STRAT) is one of those very few cryptocurrencies who have manners to rise to the top within a very short period. It is used to simplify the entire process of C# applications for framework, be it development, deployment or testing. The long term goal of this platform is to become a blockchain as a service or BAAS platform. It also has a native token known as Stratis token or STRAT. Like most of the new cryptocurrencies in the market, buying this cryptocurrency through Fiat currency is a very difficult task as there are not too many exchanges performing this task. But exchanging your other coins for STRAT tokens is not a big deal. Owing to the rise and popularity of this cryptocurrency, there are several exchanges where you can do the same. For buying this cryptocurrency, all you need to have is a Stratis address and some other cryptocurrencies in place of which you want to buy this one. Although there aren’t many wallet options available but still there are few options like StratisX, Stratis Electrum, Breeze and Ledger Nano S, with all these features it definitely has a lot of potential.
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