Verge (XVG) News

One of the many cryptocurrencies out there for buying, selling and trading is Verge (XVG), a totally different cryptocurrency as compared to other growing cryptocurrencies in the market. The main reason behind this difference is that Verge (XVG) is faster, comes at a very low price and has many features that help it in being more private. It was created with an aim to bring a cryptocurrency in the market which is truly private, a blockchain where the transactions made cannot be traced by someone else. Soon after its launch, it became very famous for the fact that transactions consisting of sending and receiving were private and that is why users became so attracted to it. It is also an open source project which means that if anyone has any kind of suggestions related to changes or improvements to the platform, then they are more than welcome. The long term goal of the creator of this cryptocurrency is that one day Verge (XVG) will be used as a global payment system. Another thing about Verge (XVG) which makes it very exciting and attractive is the fact that the transaction made on this platform can reach the receiver in just half a minute.
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