Vertcoin (VTC) News

A peer-to-peer cryptocurrency designed to give users and miners a cryptocurrency which is transparent, fair and decentralized, Vertcoin (VTC) came into the market and has stayed ever since. It has an inbuilt program known as 1-click minor program which is a software designed to make the process of using Vertcoin easier, simpler, and secure. If you want to use this program, then all you need to do is download this program from the official website, and after downloading it all you need to do is enter a wallet address, select a mining pool to join, and after this, you will start earning Vertcoin without any further hassle. There is another exciting feature called merged mining with the help of which a minor can mine more than one blockchain at the same time. The Vertcoin team is very ambitious and has some very impressive plans like launching new multiple lightning wallet, launching VertHash which is a new mining algorithm and a Vertcoin iOS wallet which will make this cryptocurrency more attractive and easy to use.
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