Wagerr (WGR) News

Wagerr (WGR) is a leading decentralized sportsbook, which changes the way in which the whole world bets on different sports. It makes use of distributed blockchain technology for executing betting contracts. WGR escrows the stakes verify results and then pays the winners. By simply removing central authorities, it resolves the most pernicious issues of the industry. With Wagerr (WGR), you get unrestricted global access, truly deflationary chain and support for all the major sports leagues. Almost half of the fees are destroyed systematically and destroying the fees diminishes coins supply. It is a simple case of demand and supply. Because of its strict usage of second layer network controlled completely by Oracle Masternodes and Applications Specific Smart Contracts, Wagerr (WGR) solves the scaling, incentive and security issues which have plagued the smart contracts ever since their start. You can now say goodbye to the risks and regulations and welcome the assets optimized to rise in value as Wagerr fully absorbs pent up demands for self-regulated, secure betting. This network decreases the risks to values and protects Wagerr token holders by linking the betting volumes to coins supply. The Value-Coupling between supply and usage is an in-built deflationary mechanism which destroys nearly 48% fees from each bet.
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