WaykiChain (WICC) News

WaykiChain is the blockchain-based platform which aims to offer a secure and stable environment for gambling. It uses DPoS consensus system which creates a block every ten seconds. Corporations and individuals both can make good use of the platform and share data which is validated by WaykiChain, solving the trust issue. The communication feature of WaykiChain improves the connection between clients and businesses. WaykiChain makes good use of the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism which offers eleven voting nodes. The block creation resulted from the protocol can result in an annual rate return of 5% in the first year of the users. Additionally, there will also be a yearly increase of 1% for each year a user stays as a member. WaykiChain activates the betting process through the use of smart contract transactions which can be found on the block browsers. If the player wins, the final results are published by the initiator. All betting bonuses automatically get deposited to the player’s wallet after the release of the results. Tokens need to be stored in the wallet developed by WaykiChain. The tokens are mainly traded against BTC and ETH on other exchanges with only exceptions being INR and BNB.
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