WhiteCoin (XWC) News

WhiteCoin (XWC) is a cryptocurrency which was designed with a focus on cybersecurity, payments and secure communications. WhiteCoin is not controlled by a single individual. WhiteCoin uses peer review protocol with a loose consensus model to help develop crowd-sourcing and leadership initiatives. The platform follows a root mandate to keep it self-sufficient and automated. The project allows the community to create new initiatives which are done by leveraging the network power of the coin to allow the participants to hire more talent, thus allowing the developers to deliver the service that is beyond the simple operation of digital coin. The platform allows for facilitating everyday monetary transactions. It also brings people together for code development, web development, and marketing. WhiteCoin uses the latest proof of Stake (PoS) 3.0 consensus protocol which allows the users to keep their e-wallets safe from third parties. PoS 3.0 offers participants to earn a side revenue stream by venturing their holdings. Users get anywhere between 0.5% to 6% interest per year depending on the weight of the network. WhiteCoin offers its users a high degree of anonymity. It allows anyone to run the wallet and execute transaction while enjoying the similar privacy that Bitcoin offers. Additionally, no personal information is required to create and use WhiteCoin addresses to receive and send funds.
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