Tagomi Systems is Ready to Set a Revolutionary New Standard in Crypto Trading

Tagomi is the leading digital asset brokerage firm offering trading, margin, custody, shorting, lending, financing and staking all from one account. Tagomi consolidates top-class trade execution technology, designed and built by previous HFT technologists, with custody and settlement services so that customers can trade over business sectors with one account. Recently, it added loan/short capacities.


Tagomi supports its customers to accomplish the best price execution for digital assets. Some of them require institutional operational standards, low transaction costs, treasury management, custody solutions, transparency, and other services. Tagomi brings institutional services and strong infrastructure that active investors always use for large scale trading.



Some of Tagomi’s features are discussed below –

  • Trading Infrastructure

Tagomi had used an order routing infrastructure which had been built by a strong team with years of experience in electronic trading. Further, it incorporates advanced order routing strategies and algorithms which are intended to integrate both OTC liquidity and exchange.

  • Complete Brokerage Solutions

Tagomi offers customers with a single point of contact and acts as a mediator between cryptocurrency exchanges and sophisticated digital asset investors. Something beyond software, Tagomi offers total brokerage services, which includes execution, capital custody, and capital management.

  • Advanced Execution

Apart from order routing, and trade collection, Tagomi offers more developed execution strategies, and the chance to tailor them to specific customer needs.

  • Secure Transfers

Tagomi works with custody providers and banks to empower secure custody and transfers in the interest of customers. Fully integrated cold-storage solutions are accessible to customers with consistent on-exchange to cold storage transfers.

  • Settlement & Cash Management

Tagomi wraps order routing with cash and settlement management capabilities so that customers do not need to associate with different exchanges and systems.

  • Reporting

Tagomi offers customers with post-exchange reporting, which makes sure customers see precisely how and where their trades are being executed.

  • Consulting and Advice

Tagomi delivers long years of experience trading in different markets to help their clients with an execution procedure; when investing capital at scale in digital asset markets.


Tagomi offers end-to-end capabilities in two products which are explained below –

  • Streamlined Execution Product

A tool customized to the High Net Worth individual and Fund investor or Family Office looking for access to cryptocurrency markets. These investors can use advanced tools along with an easy, simple, streamlined interface to screen the value of their portfolio holdings.

  • Advanced Trading Product

A tool intended for the active traders searching for aggregated access to business sectors and advanced execution methodologies, with a UI intended for simple, fast order entry, and advanced charting capacities.


  • Tagomi places the most developed tools in customer’s hands. Tagomi mixes exclusive algorithmic trading strategies with cutting edge low-latency infrastructure. Apart from web-delivered UIs, Tagomi offers a rich and powerful API to work with custom trading settings.
  • Some of the offerings of Tagomi include a library of advanced algorithms, seamless cross-market execution, post-trade reporting custodial solutions, and one-click solutions.

Tagomi in the News

  • Last November, Binance US has partnered with Tagomi to offer liquidity to its cross-exchange trading platform. Further, this association will empower Tagomi customers, including venture funds, family offices, and IRAs to access Binance US’s fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto trading sets, which also includes BTC. It will likewise, furnish Binance US with greater liquidity.
  • In 2019 March, Tagomi got approval from the Department of Financial Services to do business in New York with BitLicense. Following long application procedure, the New Jersey-based firm will presently have the option to work with institutional customers in the world’s financial center, making it the eighteenth organization to get a BitLicense, a permit which enables organizations to purchase and sell virtual currency for clients in New York.
  • Caspian, portfolio management and full-stack crypto trading platform for institutional investors and active traders had collaborated with Tagomi. The association among Tagomi and Caspian will enable normal customers to profit by another straight through the procedure and consistent work process while managing crypto portfolios and trading over several exchanges and destinations.

Wrap up

Tagomi offers access to first-rate liquidity, maximized client returns, low commissions, and transparency, otherwise known as murky markets. Tagomi brings vigorous framework and institutional services that active traders need to trade. Tagomi’s management team includes industry veterans in the fields of electronic trading technology, compliance, digital asset investing, and regulatory. Let’s wait and watch how Tagomi is going to revolutionize new standards in crypto trading.

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