Taiwan Branch Officially Established by AOFEX to Promote Globalization

One of the globalization strategies of AOFEX involved establishing its Taiwan Branch last Friday in an attempt to promote globalization and offer better service to its global clients. The official opening of this Taiwan brand is most likely to expand the international circulation of OT tokens and the development of important apps within the ecosystem. This will promote further growth in connections, new processes, behaviors, and new apps in their ecosystem.

An event will be launched by AOFEX with a chain of benefits and surprises along with an enormous giveaway of USDT 260,000. The giveaway is a way of showing gratitude to their loyal clients and attracting more new users to the platform. For more information, read through the announcement mentioned below.

Integration of Regional Market Development – Taiwan Branch

There is no denying that blockchain is the powerhouse in fintech. Blockchain can potentially innovate and enhance a society’s productivity right from its base layer. The Taiwan Parliamentary Coalition for Blockchain or TPCB is driven by the country’s government and was established in 2018. The Asian Blockchain Summit, a popular blockchain conference in Asia, took place in ABA (Asian Blockchain Alliance) in Taiwan.

The financial regulator in Taiwan has suggested that their intention is to maintain limited control over the use of cryptocurrencies and to mainly focus on the execution of anti-money laundering schemes while it remains open for innovations such as policies originating from the cryptocurrency sector.

If the regulatory policies are favorable, Taiwan has the potential to become a hot market for trading different assets, including cryptocurrencies. Taiwan has attracted massive global capital and several institutional investors. With the Taiwan branch’s launch, the main objective of AOFEX is to provide their local clients with the safest, fastest, and most advanced professional financial services digitally.

Achieve results periodically – Globalization Strategy

AOFEX is a global trading platform for digital and financial derivatives, licensed by the US MSB (Money Services Business). The platform has formed a developer’s team with members who have previously worked for McKinsey, JP Morgan, and many other leading financial institutions. The team has great experience in management and risk control in the field of fintech. AOFEX is a global frontrunner in digital derivatives that insists and pursues autonomous development and has its platform operating on a self-developed system. It has a top rank in matching speed with a record of 1.2mn transactions every second, and it features its autonomous matching engine with ultra-high concurrency and super-low latency.

AOFEX branches have been established in Japan, Russia, North America, and other regions and countries, offering fair, efficient, and secure trading and investment experience for more than 1.80mn clients across the globe. The mission behind the AOFEX team’s operation is to include as many people as possible in the system of digital finance. As the digital financial business grows, AOFEX is dedicated to achieving its social and corporate responsibility, and it is completely engaged in charitable initiatives and social welfare that have been mentioned by several leading news outlets like Coinspeaker and Coindesk. The platform has been greatly recognized for its transaction depth, security, charitable initiatives, and financial derivate items.

AOFEX relies on its OT token and has developed an entire system of economic tokens to widen the applications of OT and to continue promoting the improvement and growth of its ecosystem. Based on the ERC20 digital assets, OT is issued by the AOFEX team that covers all businesses on a global level. The OT use covers a wide variety of rights and products on AOFEX, including fees deductions, preferential purchases on investment items, airdrop rewards, bonus rebates, mining and positioning, API centers, and many more. With the expansion of AOFEX, there will be an increase in the use of OT in many more areas in order to enhance the AOFEX ecosystem. 

AOFEX has created a mechanism of sound deflation to improve OT’s ecological value and implemented a buyback burning to fix the burning quantity to a level that is not lesser than the output. Soon after the OT’s launch, the supply on the secondary markets will not exceed 20 percent of the sum, and the surplus quantity would be burnt. Through the listing burning and buyback burning, the total OT amount can come under control and improve the scarcity problem, continue to keep supply stable to complete a burning schedule, enable AOFEX and OT ecosystem, and create the token system to appreciate significantly. To the current date, AOFEX has been able to destroy 9,610,891 OTs in total.

Reward and Giveaways of 260,000 USDT

The fast global expansion of AOFEX will not happen if new users along with the existing communities do not support it. As an expression of gratitude to the platform’s clients, AOFEX has decided to launch an event with a chain of benefits or surprises that would be given out on the day of the event, with 260,000 USDT as a giveaway.


The activity of the event is to take tasks in order to share a total of 200,000 USDT. All the AOFEX users are allowed to participate in the event, which is going to be held from December 3, 2021, to December 10, 2021. To participate, all users must make their entries through Telegram. Once the activity is complete, the platform shall distribute the rewards within three working days.

The rules of the event are simple and straightforward. During the event, AOFEX users can visit the Telegram bot through the provided link in their announcements or through social media channels. After the completion of the 1st four tasks presented by the Telegram bot, the users will achieve from 4 USDT to at most 100,000 USDT. To get more rewards, users can invite their friends and ask them to complete their tasks and share any amount of 100,000 USDT. With more referrals, users can win more rewards that may go up to 200,000 USDT as well.


The second activity involves trades to share a sum of 60,000 USDT. However, only the registered AOFEX users can participate in this activity which is going to be held from December 3rd, 2021, till December 10th, 2021. Once the activity is complete, the platform shall distribute the rewards within three working days.

The rules of the second activity include users who place spot transactions with an effective trade volume of 100 USDT or more, who can share about 60,000 USDT based on their trading volume.

Note that individual reward equals the participant’s total trade volume divided by the total trade volume of the participants meeting conditions, multiplied by 60,000 USDT.

After the Taiwan branch is established, AOFEX plans to slowly implement its regional development strategies, initiate diverse corporations with KOLs as well as communicate with the media and communities. The platform also aims to include more branches around the world, with customized attitudes and behaviours depending on the local users. 

Official website: www.aofex.com

Official website: www.aofex.com

Telegram (Chinese): https://t.me/Aofexcn

Telegram (English): https://t.me/Aofex888

Twitter Account 1: https://twitter.com/Aofex2

Twitter Account 2: https://twitter.com/AOFEXGlobal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100039575555419

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWW5jQ9Li17TrZ-P0YfhCgA

Medium: https://medium.com/@aofex

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