Taiwan Eyes CBDC Prototype Launch via Digital Voucher System

Taiwan aims to pilot its Central Banking Digital Currency (CBDC) before the end of the year. As Chin-Long Yang, governor of Taiwan’s central bank, revealed, this initiative will employ the digital voucher system developed by the Ministry of Digital Affairs. This collaboration seeks to incorporate CBDC management within this new digital structure for monetary transactions and digital voucher disbursement.

Taiwan Plans CBDC Prototype Rollout This Year

Yang further stated that the plan is to roll out the CBDC prototype through an existing government platform. The Ministry of Digital Affairs will be responsible for the distribution of vouchers, while the central bank will handle payment and settlement. Yang noted that government agencies would eventually issue these digital vouchers, indicating that this technology could be used widely in government spending.

However, the prototype’s testing may start as early as the end of this year or early next year. Another central bank official mentioned that the digital voucher system is scheduled to be launched in August, with pilot implementation in October. This phased approach enables the system’s assessment before introducing the CBDC, creating a scaffold for problem-solving and improvement.

Taiwan Sets 2025 Deadline for Crypto Legislation

While Taiwan embraces these new technologies, the legal systems are also changing. Jin-Lung Peng, the chair of the Financial Supervisory Commission, stated that a bill for regulating crypto assets will be submitted by June 2025. This proposal seeks to provide a legal framework for cryptocurrency operations and enhance compliance with international standards.

The Financial Supervisory Commission is enforcing anti-money laundering laws on crypto service providers. This follows other measures to ensure the crypto industry is adequately regulated to protect investors and firms. In May, the Ministry of Justice followed the initial measures by proposing amendments that require registration for AML compliance among all crypto companies in Taiwan.

Also, the local crypto industry has stepped up and formed an association to set up self-regulatory measures in accordance with government recommendations. These developments demonstrate Taiwan’s holistic approach to building a safe and well-governed digital finance landscape in the lead-up to adopting a CBDC.


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