Talus integrates Ankr for Bitcoin Liquidity Staking Tokens’ access

Talus integrates with Ankr, a prominent liquid staking services infrastructure layer. This collaborative effort grants the Talus Smart Agent Hub access to Bitcoin Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs).

Talus’ Smart Agent Hub will have exclusive access to Liquid Staking Tokens for Bitcoin, providing Talus developers with a wealth of untapped liquidity. It operates on the idea of decentralized finance utility for on-chain smart agents. Talus is working to create a thriving on-chain economy for smart agents and the value they generate. Smart agents’ transactions will be determined solely by user preferences. To realize this vision, smart agents should be permitted access to distinct capital pools. 

Ankr provides the infrastructure to fund this capital across networks, and Bitcoin is known for its highest liquidity. Ankr provides a liquid staking service that allows users to stake Bitcoin through diverse mechanisms. The smartest feature of Ankr is that it equips users on the Bitcoin protocol to earn extra staking rewards while offering other ecosystems entry to Bitcoin liquidity. Smart agents on the Talus framework can take advantage of the Bitcoin liquidity influx.

Smart agents on Talus will be able to access this surge of Bitcoin liquidity through Ankr. The procedure consists of the following:

  • BTC holders hand over their stake to an operator in a restaking protocol
  • Ankr designs Liquid Staking Tokens for staked BTC
  • A bridge connects LSTs to the Talus Network
  • Liquid Staking Token will be available to smart agents and apps driven by smart agents.

Atomic swaps, in which agents conduct decentralized financial transactions as a singular transaction, require liquidity, according to Talus. Each individual stage must be carried out concurrently; otherwise, the transaction as a whole will be deemed unsuccessful. A typical agent can take a flash loan, use the borrowed funds in a protocol, and repay the loan in a single transaction. Talus and Ankr unleash the real potential of smart agents by giving them extensive amounts of liquidity. This will initiate a vibrant era characterized by innovative and inventive technological advancements throughout the blockchain economy.

Talus is developing artificial intelligence smart agents for the right people at the right moment. They are developing a decentralized protocol in which individuals can freely exchange data, processing capacity, and models to improve the accuracy and transparency of artificial intelligence. Talus innovatively combines security, developer experience, and performance characteristics. The company is the cornerstone of the Smart Agent development or revolution, and it represents a golden period of consumer Artificial Intelligence.

Ankr is a liquid staking specialist with experience creating next-generation chain validation support systems. Their digital solutions include the market’s leading node delegation system and security. Ankr is a major Ethereum stakeholder, and it is the recommended infrastructure for systems such as Polygon and BNB Smart Chain. The partnership between Ankr and Talus will provide BTC liquidity to smart agents and on-chain AI. The new development will provide fuel to today’s blooming decentralized finance environment. 

Trevor Holman

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