Tap Protocol secures $4.2 million for Bitcoin Ordinals boost

Trac Systems, a technology company based in Germany and also the parent organization of Tap Protocol, recently completed an unusually successful fundraising effort. The company disclosed that Sora Ventures led a financing round in which it raised $4.2 million. With this massive infusion of capital, Bitcoin’s place as an emerging center for developers will receive a tremendous boost, all the more so now that their innovative Ordinals system is being introduced.

Benny the Dev, the CEO of Trac Systems, is leading a novel initiative to expand the uses for Bitcoin beyond its typical limitations. Benny the Dev said, “We have already raised a satisfactory amount of funds too. Trac Systems has reached an important crossroads on its journey and is ready to start tapping into Bitcoin’s flexibility capabilities as a platform for advanced tokenization, gamification and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications.

The newcomer in the land of cryptocurrencies, Ordinals, offers tokens with fresh blood on Bitcoin’s blockchain. It allows the embedding of different kinds of data, such as images and texts, directly on top of individual satoshis (the smallest unit for Bitcoin). The ability to do this presents many possibilities, particularly in the fields of digital art and gaming.

Trac Systems, in particular, has spearheaded the initiative to find and implement these possibilities through Tap Protocol, a subsidiary of Trac Systems. In their statement, the company emphasized the various uses of Ordinals that have been made possible by Tap Protocol. These include art token functions for gaming apps and the fractionalization of Ordinals. It would make copyright cheaper by making it much easier to divide into tiny pieces among a broad audience.

Trac Systems also stressed the need for token functions in gaming apps. This innovation should change gaming forever. Players will finally own and exchange assets in-game.

The interest in Bitcoin Ordinals has grown rapidly, extending across all platforms. However, this expanding attention has brought to light some networks’ challenges in keeping up with such rising demand. Trac Systems’ successful funding and subsequent work in taking these challenges forward are regarded as critical steps on the route to further extending what blockchain technology is capable of.

Tap Protocol has joined a queue of players who want to jump on board early as attention and interest grows in the sector around Bitcoin Ordinals. However, Trac Systems and Tap Protocol are both making waves in this fast-changing market, thanks to newly secured finance as well as a strategic concentration on the banking sector.


In the ever-changing world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Trac Systems’ most recent venture proves that the sky’s the limit for what these technologies may accomplish. The startup is about to transform how Bitcoin is used, thanks to strong financial backing and a defined goal. If it is successful, it will greatly impact digital assets and decentralized applications (DAPPs).

Trevor Holman

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