Tari World and Kenzo Ventures Enter Strategic Partnership

Tari World published a blog post to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Kenzo Ventures to develop its platform multi-functionally and strenuously in the coming times. The development was announced after both the platforms officially signed an MoU on June 17, 2022.

A strategic partnership between Tari World and Kenzo Ventures is a key step in the development of Tari World. The community is excited about the announcement as many enhancements are coming.

Additionally, signing the MoU for a strategic partnership is a part of the expansion plans of Tari World to accelerate the adoption of $TARI across the globe. In other words, the strategic partnership will help Tari World achieve its mission and vision in the future.

Kenz Ventures brings to the table a lot of offerings that are sure to help strengthen Tari World as a platform.

For instance, Kenzo Ventures will provide its business development and strategic consulting to Tari World. These will support the platform to explore the global implementation of NFT-based blockchain minting in Building NFT and Land NFT, along with the entertainment industry.

Other areas that will remain under the focus of the strategic alliance are:-

  • Onboarding star influencers; and,
  • Onboarding derivative content to the metaverse via minting of PFP NFTs for the stars, 3D landscape rendering system, & POAP issuance for associated fandom events & communities.

The development team of Kenzo Ventures is now hopeful that the announcement will spark excitement within the community members, and the community will be strongly confined to TARI to achieve the mission and vision.

Kenzo Ventures is based in Asia as one of the biggest investors in cryptocurrency. Kenzo Ventures focuses on projects that are in their early stages and display good potential and investment benefits.

There is a wide range of services that Kenzo Ventures covers in its portfolio. These include Marketing, Development, Influencer, Exchange, IDO, and Partner. The marketing service leverages its 30,000+ followers on social media to promote the products and services of the client, and it can also perform AMAs on its channels.

The Influencer service of Kezo Ventures is carried out with the largest and most cost-effective network of influencers worldwide. Its global network has more than 350 KOLS available at the best price.

While Exchange sounds like the platform that facilitates digital currency trading, Kenzo Ventures instead assists clients in connecting with the best exchanges in the world of cryptocurrency.

Other services are in demand as well. For instance, it helps clients to grow through the partnerships that Kenzo has established since its inception. These are inclusive of project partners and exchange partners.

Several development companies have partnered with Kenzo Ventures, which is precisely what it offers to the client for better delivery and growth of its client’s ventures. IDO Network includes the best launchpads in the crypto world who are more than ready to help projects grow in the market.

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