TaskOn & Manta Pacific: Web3 integration powerhouse!

TaskOn is pleased to announce its partnership with Manta Pacific, an EVM-native zero-knowledge (ZK) platform. This alliance will provide Web3 initiatives with more effective promotional tools for their branding and user acquisition efforts.

Manta Network provides a multi-faceted system for developing zero-knowledge applications. This includes Manta Atlantic, for creating private programs, and Manta Pacific, which allows efficient deployment on the Ethereum blockchain with reasonable fees. These tools work together to make Web3 application development easier than ever before. TaskOn is like a more advanced version of Gleam tailored specifically for Web3; it enables you to create marketing campaigns and promote your community in ways never seen before.

By combining TaskOn with Manta Pacific, it will make user experiences easier and ensure that users can get help without any disruption. People will be able to join the community drives on TaskOn and exchange tokens between different chains within Manta’s environment. This integration will also add many omnichain functions, including an NFT badge made especially for projects in the Manta system. Additionally, TaskOn will provide authentication services so that people can gain access to campaigns on the Manta platform quickly and effortlessly.

Users will have the chance to get involved in campaigns that are started by any program within Manta. Additionally, tasks can be launched on the Manta Pacific network utilizing TaskOn’s capabilities. Utilizing TaskOn is quite easy and straightforward for any user who wants to initiate something.

  • Provide essential campaign details in the Basic Info section.
  • Define campaign rewards in the Rewards section, including type, amount, distribution mechanism, and the number of winners.
  • Set up eligibility criteria for users to participate and receive rewards in the Eligibility section.

The upcoming collaboration with Manta Pacific is expected to improve Web3 operations, giving users an enjoyable and rewarding experience as they get involved in projects within the Web3 world.

TaskOn and Manta Network are hosting a special joint event where participants can win an exclusive CAP NFT reward. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get your share of CAP by joining in the festivities!

The integration of TaskOn with Manta Pacific is an amazing opportunity for users to have a frictionless and enjoyable experience when interacting with campaigns in the Manta environment. This union is a key milestone on TaskOn’s journey and marks an encouraging step forward in advancing development and progress within the Web3 sector.

TaskOn users and fans should be excited for the latest news and rewards to come as the platform continues to extend its presence and offer outstanding services to the Web3 world. Keep an eye out for more information and chances to join in with TaskOn and Manta Pacific’s progress!

David Cox

David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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