TBG Security Introduces Blockchain Security Testing Services To Implement Blockchain Technology

The risk and compliance management solutions provider, TBG Security introduce its own Blockchain Security Testing system services. The company is a leading provider of information security and risk management solutions for Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies. TBG designs and delivers cyber security solutions to work in harmony with existing operations. Additionally, companies from around the world depend on TBG services in areas including risk management, security strategies for compliance, cyber supply chain management, physical, network and application security, managed services, security policy, blockchain security and incident response.

The Blockchain Security Testing offers services to its clients to set up blockchain implementation to ward off internal as well as external risks. The company believes that the future of blockchain is so bright that blockchain technology is indispensable as it helps minimize risk emanating from the internal as well as external environment. The blockchain technology is so larger than cryptocurrency. With its advent in today’s world, it will change the dynamics of the traditional models and secure the internet efficiently. The technology when used properly, it can enable confidence and streamline the entire process transparently. It is highly recommended to consolidate supply chain function where cyber threat becomes quite prevalent. Those who are early adopters will reap the benefits of this new age technology to a larger extent.

There are numerous industries ranging from food & beverages, finance, transport services, retail are exploring the opportunity on blockchain domain. Additionally, the global giant Walmart, Nestle SA, Driscoll’s Inc., Unilever NV, Tyson Foods Inc. among others have already partnered with IBM in order to streamline their entire supply chain function through the blockchain technology in place. Besides enabling supply chain function, the blockchain technology helps mitigate risk against cybercriminals, hackers on information technology perspective.

TBG Security’s Chief Operating Office, Kevin Gorsline notified to use the blockchain technology cautiously especially when executing it. He further says that “Think of blockchain technology as tires. They save lives by providing grip in all weather conditions, ensuring the driver stays in control. We trust that they have been properly made and properly tested. Without testing, not only might they not do their job when you need it most, but faulty behavior might even introduce new unforeseen risks. It is absolutely essential that early blockchain adopters get security experts to assess the implementation – kicking the tires, so to speak.”

Technically speaking, TBG Blockchain Security Testing is designed such that it assesses each aspect of the blockchain like confidentiality, integrity, availability. It bifurcates the activities associated with blockchain into two parts naming Discovery and Evaluation.

The first one, Discovery phase helps reviews the entire architectures and compliance requirements to make sure that it meets the pre-defined criteria. Those who work in this phase will identify and analyze all the technical aspects of the blockchain application in order to conduct best practices with strong defense mechanism in place.


The second one, Evaluation phase establishes the maturity level against best benchmark practices and industry standards. With this, TBG technical experts analyze all those complexities and vulnerabilities associated to make sure that the entire system can be used in an effective way!!

Shalin Soni

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