Team Splinterlands introduces Zyriel as the first multi-element card

Zyriel has been launched as a playing card in Splinterlands with two major characteristics – Life and Death. The sale goes live on May 2, 2023, at 4 pm ET at Splinterlands. The 30-day sale will see a limited edition of 15,000 cards being rolled out for players who can purchase as many units as possible. The maximum limit, however, on every transaction is 25.

Possessing two different characteristics makes Zyriel the first-ever multi-element card in the game. While the sale is scheduled to run for 30 days, it may end up pretty early if all the units are sold out before the deadline. The team Splinterlands is investing a lot of effort to ensure that there are no attempts for automatic purchases, allowing all the interested players to have a fair shot at buying the card.

The floor price for Zyriel has been set at 80,000 DEC. Players can alternatively extend the utility of their credits to buy Zyriel from the game shop.

There is a possibility of players receiving up to a 50% discount, provided they proceed to buy Zyriel by spending the VOUCHER tokens. These have to be spent at $0.25 for every VOUCHER token.

Promo cards purchased with Credits will not be counted as valid for referral payments. Similarly, DEC-B tokens cannot be used for the purchase of promo cards, Zyriel in this case.

There is a 4% chance for every Zyriel card to have a Gold Foil version. This roughly translates to the higher chance of 25 cards having at least 1 Gold Foil version. Zyriel has double the playability of a single-card element while having a higher power level in line with cards that are specific to a certain element. Players using Zyriel with Life and Death in focus will stand a chance to win bonus RP.

Neutral Cards are not allowed to be used in some battles. Zyriel comes in handy since it makes an exception to this rule. The card collectible game runs in a battle format with many types of cards available to be put on the table. Our Splinterlands game review describes the types of cards in detail, especially highlighting the importance of Gold Foil Cards.

Zyriel is also the first-ever tradeable card in Splinterlands to have Weapons Training ability. Cards with no attack benefit from this feature since Zyriel gives out a training session, ensuring that attacks like Multiple Attacks are passed on to those cards.

The new promo card surely appears to possess a lot of strength, but there is a dire need to protect her during the initial stage. The strength of Zyriel is built up over a series of battles before which the side is likely to lose the battle quicker. Zyriel has been introduced with hopes of making a huge impact on the gameplay.

However, to reiterate, only 15,000 single-BCX Zyriel cards are available at the store for the base price of 80,000 DEC or credits. The 30-day sale begins on May 02, 2023, at 4 pm ET.

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