Telcoin delivers digital asset trades in the EU

Telcoin, which happens to be an absolute top-of-the-line Web3 platform linking conventional fintech with decentralized finance (DeFi), has successfully delivered digital asset trades in the European Union.

According to their plans, they have begun in Lithuania and will slowly cover the remaining territory within a short period of time. This very fresh advantage, in terms of USDC, on-ramp as well as off-ramp, will provide the opportunity of a more convenient way to enter within the Telcoin app’s supported self-custody wallet, which in turn will bring all of the connected users together for being able to carry out quick as well as cost-effective trades through much in demand DeFi platforms. 

Further to all of that, in the case scenario of carrying out USDC deposits and withdrawals on the Telcoin app, it will provide all of the connected users in Lithuania with an entirely secure method of carrying out trading in digital assets. Users having USDC can also avail of SEPA transfer while taking out Euros. The deposits that happen to be made are carried out with immediate effect. Just in case a user is not successful, it will be possible for him to make use of a SEPA bank deposit. All users must go through the KYC process in the initial phases, confirming their personal details.

According to the CEO of Telcoin, Paul Neuner, it is extremely lucrative for them to spread their digital asset rails in Europe. In his opinion, the self-custodial factor that happens in DeFi becomes an advantage for users if executed correctly and linked to conventional finance under regulations. This deliverance will witness a furthering of customer share in Europe for Telcoin in a really big way. It will indeed make life much easier for users by allowing them to conduct faster and more cost-effective DeFi trading.

In addition to all of this, the Telcoin app now offers high-quality digital payment methods directly from the United States and Canada to sixteen additional nations. Telcoin Europe UAB, a supplier of digital asset exchange services in the EU, has been registered in Lithuania. The head office of the entity is in Singapore.

Roxanne Williams

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