Telegram Launches Test Client Officially For Its Telegram Open Network

As per the latest reports, Telegram has launched a Test Network Lite Client officially for its Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain. Telegram is known for offering instant messaging service, which is popular due to its encrypted nature. All the files related to TON Test Network Blockchain Lite Client, including configuration and pdf files, are available on the domain

There is a list of downloadable files which is nothing but a fresh file archive. It’s an organized distribution of TON Blockchain Network Lite Client’s preliminary version as well as relevant segments of Telegram Open Network Blockchain Library, as indicated in the readme file. It is also brought to notice that it’s developed in such a way that it becomes Lite Client’s simplified and stable version.

Other than the Lite Client, it is also possible for users to carry out the installation of the config file for the development of smart contracts. That enables them to establish a connection between Lite Client and a distinct server. Once there is a successful connection, users can do multiple tasks hassle-freely; some of them are listed below:

  • Building newer smart contracts
  • Sending messages to the smart contracts
  • Auditing the condition of live smart contracts
  • Deploying Fift to locally compile, execute as well as debug the smart contracts with utmost ease

For those who came in late, Fift is the latest programming language that was unveiled in the previous week by Telegram for the TON Network. The primary purpose behind designing this programming language was to facilitate smooth development and management of smart contracts on TON blockchain. It is also designed to carry out seamless interaction with the TVM (TON Virtual Machine).

Last week on 25th May, a user on GitHub had uploaded the 1st version of TON’s Lite Client. According to its readme file found on GitHub, this client could establish a link with the full node and even send it some queries.

There were also reports which claimed that Telegram had introduced a beta testing version of its TON blockchain in the month of April. However, this private testing was only made accessible to a restricted number of developers across the globe. The blockchain offered an exceptionally higher transaction speed, stated a few testers.

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