Telos EVM Announces Its 2022 Spark Hackathon

The Telos Blockchain, a fully decentralized, third generation, ESG compliant Layer 1 blockchain, has opened registration for its 2022 EVM hackathon for those looking to innovate, create, and deploy solutions on tEVM, one of the most robust Ethereum Virtual Machines available. The Spark Hackathon aims to give Solidity developers a chance to show off their skills on a much larger scale, as well as compete actively for the Telos blockchain’s native token, $TLOS, with over 180,000 $TLOS up for grabs. 

According to the page, registration for the Spark Hackathon is currently open and will close on April 4th, 2022. The Telos EVM was meticulously developed to bring innovation and resolve other EVMs. In addition, the Telos EVM was designed to be fast, with low gas fees and high transaction speeds, while also protecting users from front running/ MEV and ensuring dApps scale without congestion. 

The Telos team is excited to collaborate with the Ethereum developer community through this blockchain hackathon and is open to new ideas for improving user experience on the Telos blockchain. Charts and statistics, snapshots, airdrops, and NFT marketplaces are just a few of the ideas the Telos team has in mind for the hackathon. Participants are also encouraged to improve the user interface and backend of DEXes, lending and borrowing protocols forking Ethereum Name Service, NFT minting contracts, and developing top-tier play-to-earn projects, among other things. 

Telos has also partnered with Taikai, a dApp built on the Telos blockchain, to create streamlined and highly organized hackathons for developers and platforms to ensure the hackathon’s success. Furthermore, Telos has recently launched the Mentor support team, a group of seasoned experts dedicated to making deployment processes on the Telos EVM as simple as possible. 

The Spark Hackathon winners will be announced on April 11th, 2022. The first-place prize of 100,000 TLOS tokens is sent to the winning team’s wallet. The second-placed team would also receive 50,000 TLOS tokens in the wallet provided during registration, while the third-through-fifth-placed teams would each receive 10,000 TLOS tokens, bringing the total prize pool for the Spark Hackathon to 180,000 $TLOS tokens. 

The Telos EVM (tEVM) is a non-Ethereum fork EVM created entirely by the Telos network. Telos EVM is the most robust EVM to date, protecting DeFi and NFT trades from front running with innovative features such as first in, first out mempool protocol, among others. The Spark Hackathon is one of many hackathons that will spark an innovation challenge on Telos EVM, the world’s fastest EVM (tEVM).

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