Tempus Finance Has Has Partnered with Rari Capital

Tempus Finance and Rari Capital have partnered for the benefit of the users. Their partnership will be effective from January 17, 2022.

The update was announced by Tempus Finance. After the implementation, users will have two options to earn yield through the partnership. More details have been presented in the article.

Background Of The Partners

Both the partners have a strong background. It is worth noting their grip over the market.

To start with, Tempus Finance is a secondary market that functions on the principle of being decentralized. It enables its users to either fix or speculate their income.

Tempus Finance runs within the regulations and governance of a community of token holders. Like the market, the community is also decentralized in nature.

The community is additionally governed by the delegates of the existing holders. The delegates have access to look after the upgradation of the protocol through their proposal and vote.

Its new partner, Rari Capital, works intending to provide services of an aggregator and open the gateway for mass adoption. It is a DeFi suite that includes multiple protocols and functions related to DeFi.

Rari Capital attempts mass adoption by making it easier for users to use DeFi.

A New Partnership

The partnership between Tempus Finance and Rari Capital was announced by Tempus Capital. It is technically being termed integration between the two market giants.

Even though they have partnered on the mutually agreed functions, their integration has been scheduled to go live on January 17, 2022.

This is estimated to be very beneficial for the users of both partners. They will be able to earn additional or fixed-rate yields through the partnership. Users will get to access the options by providing liquidity through DAI Vault and Rari USDC positions.

Tempus Finance adds an edge to the partnership. It offers different use cases, each with a  unique value proposition.

The first one deals with fixing one’s future yield. This can be done by using stETH, cDai, or any other Yield Bearing Token.

Users can work on speculation in the second case. They are required to speculate on the rate of future yield. This may include any of the Yield Bearing Tokens of the network.

In the third option, users can deposit any Yield Bearing Token to earn an additional swap fee by providing liquidity. The swap fee earned by this method will be an additional earning on top of the yield that they earn through yield farming protocols.

Almost two weeks are left for the integration to go live. Users would expect both partners to stand true to their commitment. Mass adoption will continue, and it will hopefully accelerate based on the experience of the users.

More details are awaited. They are expected to come to everyone’s attention only after the partnership has gone live.

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