Tensor airdrops TNSR tokens worth $250 million

Tensor, Solana’s prime NFT platform, has airdropped TNSR tokens worth $250 million, 12.5% of the complete supply, to initial users. Presently, the project is trading at a $19 total diluted valuation.

On the 8th of April, TNDR was activated for a little more than $1, soon reaching $2.23. Since then, the token has fallen while airdrop receivers sell their tokens. It is currently priced at $1.84.

As per FlipsideCrypto, Tensor is the absolute prime NFT trading platform for Solana. Its full volume stands at 3.9 million SOL, speaking of over $2 billion. It remains way ahead of the next-in-line platform, Magic Eden, by a margin of over 1.3 million SOL. Complete trading on Tensor has crossed the $6.7 million mark, of which 6.5% is being spoken of as wash trades.

A point to be noted is that an NFT collection connected with the project called Tensorians, comprising 10,000 NFTs, fell by half the value. It was observed to be trading at a low pricing of 18 SOL, approximately $3,200.

Disappointed Tensorian holders did not agree that the most prominent backers of the ecosystem were diluted.

As per Mondoggg, a pseudonym and Co-founder of Resonance Lab, an NFT platform, he felt that the team at Tensor put in all its efforts but was not clear regarding the reason for offering a base of 420 tokens to persons having a sole TX and just 1,100 tokens to a staked Tensorian.

The present airdrop stands for 12.5% of the full supply of tokens, amounting to 1 billion TNSR. The team has kept aside 55% for the community, 27% for prime contributors, 9% for investors, and 9% as reserves in case of future funding and development.

The balance, 42.5% towards the community, is going to be utilized for incentive schemes, liquidity offerings, and grants benefiting the Tensor community.

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