Tenzro introduces its AI content platform on Avalanche

Tenzro launches its AI-related content on Avalanche. The objective is to function as an open, composable platform that enables developers to release AI-enhanced creative content capabilities. Tenzro recognizes that by granting access to decentralized application (dApp) developers with significant potential, content producers such as visual artists and musicians will be able to generate, distribute, and manage a vibrant content ecosystem.

All platform users will be able to create complex functions enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) thanks to the AI engine that consolidates various types of large language modules (LLMs). Each piece of content originating from Tenzro will be accompanied by comprehensive metadata. Developers can use a content database to enable personalized music recommendations, enhanced search engines, and customized content for more visibility.

In collaboration with AvaCloud, Tenzro implemented an Avalanche Subnet to maximize user exposure. The customized framework of The Subnet enables the platform to establish its own regulations that align with those of the creative industries, including music.

Tenzro employs a three-token mechanism to incentivize its users, producers, and stakeholders through the use of utility tokens, which serve as payment methods for services provided on the platform.

Furthermore, the governance token is incorporated, serving as a means to transmit proposals to the Tenzro DAO and facilitate participation in the voting process. Additionally, the reputation token is designed to incentivize architects to participate in the ecosystem. Each item of personal information is encrypted and intended only for its creator, thereby ensuring additional confidentiality.

There are currently a multitude of applications awaiting their moment of release on Tenzro. AvaCloud is a centralized blockchain solution under team control that enables the creation, positioning, and upgrading of decentralized networks tailored to specific use cases. It features an automated framework, a no-code portal, network monitoring, and round-the-clock customer support.

Ava Labs facilitates the positioning of high-performance services targeted at Web3, propelled by ingenuity on Avalanche. Cornell computer scientists founded the company in partnership with Wall Street professionals and the initial Web3 leaders. The objective was to fundamentally transform the process of establishing and utilizing permissionless and open networks.

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