Tepleton Releases New Version of Its Ecological Application Tank 2.0

has finally released the latest version of its ecological application TANK 2.0 here on November 08, according to official news reports. The ecological application TANK 2.0 includes various core functions such as:

1) Cloud wallet: It will allow transfers directly with the help of multi-chain wallet

2) Blockchain insurance: A small amount of TEP insurance premium will help in avoiding a particular amount of losses

3) Funds: There will be three kinds of funds like AI deep brain funds, fixed annualized return funds, and quality team funds

4) Investor calculator: With a one-click, it will help in estimating the investment return

Tank has emerged as a popular digital asset investing and trading platform. It is based on the Tepleton cross-chain procedure, which can assimilate big data, Blockchain, AI or artificial intelligence, Web Crawling Technology, cloud computing, and various other latest technologies.

The main motive of TANK is to establish a disseminated digital asset investment and trading platform. The platform features maximum profits, precise and correct market information, firm risk control so that it can serve the interests of quantitative trading enthusiasts, and digital asset investors efficiently and effectively.

The release of the TANK 2.0 signifies that Tepleton’s FinBlockchain ecological building has arrived in the 2.0 stage.

Scott Cook

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