Ternoa offers Polygon CDK-based Ethereum L2 zkEVM+ for security and privacy

In 2023, Ternoa released a decentralized privacy stack as a Polkadot SDK L1 chain. Now, the company is launching zkEVM+, an Ethereum L2 developed using Polygon CDK that focuses on security and privacy.

Polycon CDK has been instrumental in the development of Ternoa’s zkEVM+, an L2 on Ethereum that is focused on safety and privacy. This follows the introduction of a decentralized privacy stack, which is accessible through a Polkadot SDK L1 chain. 

As a comprehensive EVM-like framework, zkEVM+ introduces censorship reluctance through integrity proofs and conventional privacy aspects to the Ethereum ecosystem, fostering a connection between users and developers. It has been created on Polygon CDK and amalgamates hybrid coprocessor technology with Avail data accessibility within a high-end framework that has been executed with Zeeve RaaS. 

Anurag Arjun, co-founder of Polygon and Avail, has contributed immensely to Ternoa, becoming an asset in helping Ethereum achieve its upgrading plans.

The biggest French blockchain framework groups, boasting 200,000 social media members, are aggressively utilizing it at the moment. It carries with itself the tag of being associated with the big players in France, which include business houses like Caisse des Depots & Consignations as well as Japan-based studios like Toho and gaming businesses like Tap Nation. 

Currently, various dApps utilize Ternoa’s privacy stack, such as Time Guardian, a mobile application for online inheritance control, also known as Keeper Defi. This is an abstracted wallet that comes with inbuilt DeFi options and provides a $250,000 incentive scheme. 


To encourage EVM developers to introduce applications on a highly safe framework, Ternoa is bringing in a $500,000 grant scheme. 

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