TerraBlock announces integrating its tool with the Splinterlands game

TerraBlock has announced that it has successfully integrated its core mechanism with Splinterlands Game. This pertains to 1-Click Cross-Chain Swap going live in the gaming ecosystem. The widget and the integration have been defined to be a game-changer by TerraBlock, adding that it will benefit not just Splinterland but also the users of the game.

A total of 5 benefits have been highlighted by TerraBlock to explain how its 1-Click Cross-Chain Swap serves key functions in the gaming ecosystem.

For starters, it comes with Multi-Protocol Automation. This refers to the 1-Click Cross-Chain Swap going beyond the boundaries of being just a tool. It is, per the announcement, a gateway to the ecosystem of DeFi. The idea here is to make the decentralized landscape more accessible to users.

TerraBlock has broken down barriers by making 1-Click Cross-Chain Swap available via Splinterlands. They have basically automated swapping and bridged across multiple protocols to increase the efficiency of the mechanism. Thereby enhancing the gameplay experience for players.

It is only obvious for TerraBlock to claim in the announcement that Splinterlands will benefit from the gaming experience that is more streamlined and faster. Players will feel this experience when they next access the gaming world. They do not have to go through any hassles of transactions and/or onboarding. This does not apply to new players who are yet to make a debut in the world of Splinterlands.

The user-friendly gameplay is likely to send a strong message across the globe. It could motivate unregistered users to get on board, especially since there are 4 blockchains backing the entire ecosystem. They will gain access to over 60 cryptocurrencies from multiple chains, courtesy of the accessibility of Splinterlands to every player.

TerraBlock is looking at it from the perspective of boosting the concept of Global Gaming.

1-Click Cross-Chain Swap covers a major portion of the DeFi landscape. Specifically speaking, it amounts to approximately 83% of the entire landscape, which will now contribute to simplifying the experience of executing an in-game transaction. This comes under Seamless Swap and aims to lower the efforts of users while swapping their digital holdings.

Players can now swap among 60+ cryptocurrencies across four blockchains to boost crypto swaps.

Finally, the last advantage that Splinterlands gets from 1-Click Cross-Chain Swap by TerraBlock is that of a competitive edge. The cutting-edge technology sets it out in the market since users get an unparalleled experience. The gaming industry is seeing innovations being rolled out almost every other day. TerraBlock’s 1-Click Cross-Chain Swap is an innovation that comes less frequently, helping its partners sustain whatever comes next for a couple of months.

The community has received this development with an open mind and positively. Most of the members have congratulated the team on this, while others have highlighted an increase in gas fees in recent times.

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