Tether Deals with the Bears; Holds Hope for Recovery

  • Tether price rides the bears.
  • The coin might embark a heavy recovery soon.

The market is seen climbing up since the opening hours. The market cap is around $24 billion today. In yesterday’s chart, the market cap was hovering around $26 billion. The upward movement of market cap is also reflected in many coins in the market. Well, among the many up surging cryptocurrencies Tether is reflecting a fall.

There is a possibility of improvement, but the chances of intraday growth are very thin. Let’s have a look at the price chart.

USDT to USD 1-day Price Chart:

The data feed is collected from Bittrex on September 20, 2019, at 11:59:57 UTC for price analysis.

Tether Price
Tether Chart By TradingView

Tether marked a heavy movement in the price chart yesterday. The day started with a slight movement in price. The digits changed from $0.9999 to $1.000 by 0.06%. Further, the price jumped from $0.9974 to $1.000 by 0.32%. There was again an escalation from $0.9985 to $1.001 in the second half of the day. The price went up to $1 from $0.99. The intraday kept a moderate closing. Today, USDT has experienced a loss since morning. The price shifted from $1 to $0.99 by 0.15%.

Tether is a high result-yielding coin in the market. The present scenario might be disturbing, but the future of USDT is bright. The traders can dig-in the currency with a prospect of high dividend. The current downtrend is expected to vanish in a short while.

Tether is mostly recommended for long term traders. The same would give the traders a colossal profit.

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