Tether initiates the first phase of billion-dollar funding

Tether, which is responsible for the fintech platform, tether has initiated the first phase of billion-dollar funding that will go towards a renewable energy project in El Salvador. This is in relation to the backing, as well as furthering sustainable Bitcoin mining. The company will be making available the necessary amount of capital, as well as its domain exposure with regard to energy, hardware, and communications. All of this is aimed toward the creation of Volcanic Energy. This, in actuality, is a 241 MW renewable energy producer park in Metapan. They have the goal ahead of them to create the biggest Bitcoin Mining Farms, with the incorporation of solar, along with wind projects inside of a volcanic arena.

El Salvador, being a part of Central America, is known to have the greatest amount of geothermal energy generation. It is situated in the village of El Chiste, which lies in the municipality of Matapan, Santa Ana. This is the area that has been selected for carrying out the development of the project, and there will be a division made to the tune of 169 MW of photovoltaic energy, along with 72 MW of wind energy. 

According to the Chief Technology Officer of Tether, Paolo Ardoino, their company will be amongst the very few to indulge in renewable energy in El Salvador, along with playing the role of an equity investor, as well as in an advisory capacity. In his opinion, Volcano Energy stands for a landmark movement, and working in tandem with Josue Lopez and his band of professionals will turn El Salvador into an absolute leader in the generation of renewable energy globally. 

In the case of the viability of the Bitcoin network, it becomes necessary for matters of energy creation, as well as a competitive environment and territory increase. By being actively involved in matters of renewable energy resources, Tether has the vision of turning itself into the world’s topmost supplier in the mining framework as well.  

As per the CEO of Volcano Energy, Josue Lopez, at the present moment in time, over 52% in terms of Bitcoin mining is being carried out in a viable way. In his viewpoint, this figure will only witness a rise in times to come. This will also help in enhancing the overall image of El Salvador with regard to the world technology scenario. 


So far as the Chairman of Volcano Energy, Max Keiser, is concerned, it is a fact that ElSalvodor comes with volcanoes, as well as the required natural resources and know-how. In the present scenario and with the active participation of Tether with regard to the advanced technology and the necessary backing, El Salvador will become famous as the Bitcoin mining country of the world. 

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