Tether payment solutions expands to Eastern Europe

Tether, the biggest company in the digital asset market, will strengthen its presence across Eastern Europe with a supplementary investment into CityPay.io. This top-rated payment company has a presence in more than 2,000 locations across Georgia, and Tether is the first stablecoin investing company in CityPay.io.

It offers a superb payment experience for customers by allowing them to pay with crypto at firms like Radisson Hotels. CityPay.io has dreamlike plans of introducing pathbreaking card and e-wallet solutions that will win the hearts of a user base exceeding 400,000. They will launch more than 500,000 cryptocurrency payment points throughout the expansion localities.

Tether’s investment will promote the expansion of CityPay.io into Eastern European countries like Georgia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Azerbaijan. The new expansion plan targets emerging markets with growing use of payment technologies and crypto. Tether is confident that their collaboration with CityPay.io will produce amazing results, just like the previous ones. Both Tether and CityPay.io will lead the adoption of bleeding-edge technologies that disrupt conventional payment systems.

The collaboration between Tether and CityPay.io will lead to the creation of a connected and accessible international financial ecosystem. The recent announcement is a new step in Tether’s journey toward promoting crypto adoption and education in booming markets like Uzbekistan and Georgia. 

These endeavors punctuate Tether’s commitment to powering communities that share the business entity’s same vision of an interconnected and comprehensive financial world.  The company’s 2023 investment follows the stablecoin giant’s funding, and Tether’s new investment will accelerate CityPay.io’s expansion into Eastern European territories. The new investment will play a key role in accelerating crypto adoption and introducing the latest technologies.

The people at the helm of Tether are thrilled and passionate about the new investment, and they are industry-leading stablecoin providers with illustrious repute. Tether’s recently concluded funding solidifies their partnership with CityPay.io, building on the pillars of their previous investment success story. 

The new collaboration enables businesses to perform transactions using crypto at popular outlets like Wendy’s. Countries like Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Uzbekistan are the most suitable targets for the stablecoin market leader’s strategic investment plans. The new move underlines the growing importance of Bitcoin and Tether as the backbone of the financial system in developing countries.

Innovative technologies will undoubtedly transform and deradicalize conventional payment systems as part of the new initiative. CityPay.io has established a reputation for delivering an unparalleled and seamless user experience. The organization is highly ambitious in its endeavors to introduce state-of-the-art digital financial products.

Tether has always been very keen on encouraging an integrated and distinct financial system, especially in less developed countries. CityPay is a payment company with extensive knowledge of Eastern Europe’s geographical contours. 

Tether is known for diversifying its investments as a stable coin-providing company, and the new investment will strengthen its presence in Eastern Europe. The history of the partnership between Tether and CityPay.io dates back to 2023, and Tether has revealed its plans to expand their services beyond cryptocurrency.

Roxanne Williams

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