Texas Hospital Terminated Staff for Not Getting Vaccinated

Houston Methodist, a Texas-based hospital, has terminated more than 150 employees after these employees refused to take Covid-19 vaccination. According to the hospital, it is mandatory for all the staff and employees to get vaccinated. This decision has been taken after more than 200 employees were suspended for not being compliant with the decision of vaccination. Later, out of the total number, 153 were either terminated by the hospital, or they had resigned themselves on Tuesday.

Giving the information in this regard, Gale Smith, the hospital’s spokeswoman, said that many employees were allowed to return to their duties after complying with the hospital’s vaccination policy. However, the hospital did not disclose the number of persons who have resumed their duty after the vaccination.

It is important to note that the hospital has already engaged in a lawsuit by its employees who claimed that it is illegal to set vaccination as a precondition for employment. A local lawyer filed a case on behalf of 117 employees and is ongoing in the Texas Court.

According to the lawsuit, it is illegitimate on the employer’s part to compel employees for forced injection, and this whole process is in contravention to the Nuremberg Code. According to this code, it is illegal to perform any medical procedure on a prospective patient without their consent.

It will be interesting to witness how this development will be received by prospective employees in the Healthcare sector. The lawsuit, too, can have important implications for hospitals and will ultimately have a bearing on the future regulations and decisions taken by the hospitals to vaccinate their employees and policies in this regard. The lawsuit is still going on and has been closely watched by the employees, employers, hospitals, policymakers, and other important stakeholders of the healthcare industry.

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