Tezos-Based Metaverse Poetry and Art Gallery Receives Generous Grant

Amazing things can happen when poetry and art collide and find their home on the blockchain. No less true than with the blockchain’s own home of literature, theVERSEverse. This women-led gallery is opening up our eyes to the potential of the blockchain for more artsy pursuits. This gallery uses the Metaverse as its canvas and merges poetry and literature from both new and more established poets and merges them with digital art.

The team at theVERSEverse has caught the hearts and minds of the Tezos Foundation, as this Swiss-based fund, which the Swiss Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority supervises, has awarded a generous grant to help the project expand, grow and explore. 

The nature of the Metaverse means that it appeals to many generations of purview. It means that poetry can be brought and enjoyed by the younger generations, who currently are the main users of the Metaverse. It is also a chance for poetry lovers to cast their gaze onto the Metaverse and away from their books, netting a wide audience.

Pushing the Dimensions of the On-Chain Art World

The Tezos Foundation was launched to bestow grants on the projects that use the Tezos chain to build. It’s a chance for these projects to further explore the capabilities and potentiality of this chain to enhance its scalability and usability. The Tezos Chain is one of the leading chains for art-led NFTs. Thanks to its energy-friendly properties, which consumes much less gas to mint and transact. Thus, gas fees are lower, and transaction fees are much lower.

theVERSEverse created by writers Ana Maria Caballero, Kalen Iwamoto, and Sasha Stiles, will use the grant to expand its growth further, reach, and utility. According to the team,

“With their cost efficiency, minimal eco-impact, and ease of use, proof-of-stake protocols present exhilarating opportunities for writers experimenting with metaverse literature. That’s why theVERSEverse has been committed to exploring the future of literature via Tezos since its launch. We are very grateful for the ongoing interest from the global Tezos community and are honored to receive essential support from the Tezos Foundation at this pivotal moment for writers, editors, publishers, and readers on the blockchain.”

Poetry, literature, and art have found their home on the blockchain with this innovative female team redesigning the literature publishing model into tradable non-fungible tokens, giving users the ability to attend events and witness the initiatives no matter where they are in the world.

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