Tezos Integration Announced by NFTrade

NFTrade aims to be the dominant multi-chain (and soon-to-be cross-chain) Non Fungible Token market, network, and integrator, and to do so; they must connect all important blockchain networks with increasing NFT-focused groups.

Organizers were thrilled to reveal the imminent integration of Tezos, one of the major smart contract systems with a wider range of customers and a developing NFT environment, on the 6th day of their ten days of Growth program. With only one popular Tezos-based NFT marketplace accessible to clients, Tezos’s inclusion is ripe for the picking. This partnership makes NFTrade the very first multi-chain NFT marketplace to incorporate Tezos. Customers will ultimately be eligible to purchase, trade, and exchange Tezos NFTs cross-chain. Because of Tezos’ low processing fees and fast speed, many people prefer it to conventional blockchain systems with far higher transaction cost, such as Ethereum.

With so many options available, NFTrade wants to make it simple for any Tezos customer or team members to produce, purchase, trade, peer-to-peer exchange, or farm NFTs with the simple push of a button.

About NFTrade

NFTrade is the world’s first cross-chain and blockchain-independent NFT solution. They aggregate all NFT markets and serve the whole NFT lifecycle, enabling anybody to easily construct, purchase, trade, exchange, farm, and utilize NFTs across many blockchain systems. Everyone can use NFTrade to connect directly to the entirety of their NFT, thereby uncovering the combined value of the NFT marketplace.

About Tezos

Tezos is an open-source platform supported by a worldwide community of verifiers, academics, and developers that overcomes major barriers to blockchain adoption for assets and apps. Tezos is built with long-term upgradability, open participation, cooperation, and smart contract security in mind. Mechanisms were incorporated into the Tezos platform to ensure active community management and engagement. Customers can actively engage in Tezos by assessing, suggesting, or approving changes. This design encourages the kind of innovation activities that maintains Tezos at the cutting edge of technology.

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