Tezos Price Analysis: Will Tezos Maintain The Bullish Trend?

A pioneer inside the block chain network since its record-setting $232 million ICO in July 2017, Tezos has likewise been wracked by inner and outside clash. Roman Schneider has been associated with Tezos Foundation since 2018 and with his joining in, responsibility and trust is the focal mainstay of any fruitful element working in the block chain space.

Let us look at how Tezos is performing: –

Tezos Price Chart - 13 June

Current Statistics of XTZ:

  • Maintains the ranking of number 19.
  • As per 7:54 UTC time today, market value of the coin was 836,144,525 USD.
  • Price of the coin today as per 12:00 UTC is 1.28751069 USD
  • 24-hour volume figures are 5,142,752
  • 660,983,602coins are currently in circulation.
  • Return of the coin is currently more than 170% which is 3% higher as compared to yesterday’s figures.

Tezos Price Comparison:

  • For better understanding, let us look at the price comparison from 19th Nov 2018 as price of the coin saw a steep decline on the said date.
  • On 19th Nov 2018, as per 16:00 UTC time, the price of the coin was $ 0.68428304.
  • As compared to the prices on the said date, the price of the coin currently shows a bullish trend in the prices by 88%.

Tezos Price Prediction:

Looking at the current trend, the price of the coin may reach up to $2/$3 by the end of this year and may reach up to $5 by the end of 2020 and as per the 5 years XTZ price prediction, it has the potential to reach up to $10.


The price of the coin has shown a bullish trend since November,18 till 12th May 2018, post which prices have risen slowly and as per current analysis price seems to be somewhat stable.

Analysts anticipate that Tezos may continue its bullish trend and next resistance can be seen at 2.60 price level. Recently the price of the coin has seen a steep rise, so definitely it can be taken as a good investment option with retention for minimum of 2 years.

Roxanne Williams

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