Tezos Releases Florence, its Sixth Protocol Upgrade

Tezos, the renowned open-source blockchain network, has released its sixth protocol upgrade by the name of Florence. The upgrade named after the Italian city accompanies features like gas optimization and much more for the users.

It has only been three months since Edo, Tezos’ fifth protocol upgrade, was released. Edo brought esteemed features like the Adoption  Period, Sapling, and Tickets on the table. Florence continues the trend of adding the latest features to the blockchain network. Tezos is on a growth spree, and Florence will accommodate the platform to integrate the latest functionalities in the market.

Tezos’ marvelous growth spurt started with the Delphi upgrade, which enhanced both smart contract proceedings and the release model. Shortly after the release, Tezos witnessed over 1M contract calls within a month. The most notable projects were Kalamint and Hic et Nunc that are still helping the network flourish. While this embarked Tezos on its growth quest, Florence will be taking the spurt even higher. Here are some of the features Florence brings to the network.

Florence: Tezos’ Sixth Protocol Upgrade

Florence is released when art, music, and even banks are starting to deal with NFTs. The timing could not have been better since Florence offers features like:

  • Gas Optimization: Florence uses quick gas arithmetic, bringing down the operational cost of the platform. The gas optimization upgrade is stated to improve its productivity by 35%.
  • 2x Maximum operation Size: Florence has doubled Tezos’ operations size, allowing for twice the larger smart contracts. The feature caters to developers dealing with complex and huge smart contracts.
  • Enhanced Smart Contract Development: The latest upgrade also enhances the smart contract development procedure. Florence does so by shifting the smart contracts’ inter contract call applied order to a depth-first execution order.
  • Robust Amendment Procedure: The Economic Protocol will not be using the Test Chain functionality anymore, which is good news for everyone. The feature was deemed complicated, useless, and unreliable. Florence upgrading the amendment process will please every user worldwide.

Overall, Florence appears to be carefully designed to help Tezos maintain its growth. The upgrade shows great potential and is expected to help Tezos reach greater heights in terms of fundamentals and prices as per our Tezos price prediction.


Merely three months after releasing Edo, Tezos has released Florence, its sixth protocol upgrade. Florence enhances the smart contract development process and gas optimization. The upgrade also doubled the maximum operation size on the network, indicating Tezos’ upcoming market growth. If the trend continues, nothing can stop Tezos from becoming the best blockchain network.

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