Thailand Based De Queens Clinic Started Accepting Payments in FOIN and 10 Other Cryptocurrencies

Thailand-based beauty clinic, De Queens Clinic, has stepped in the world of cryptocurrencies as it has announced that it shall accept payments in FOIN and ten other reputed digital currencies. The beauty clinic is the result of tireless efforts of Thiwat Saetia, the honorable CEO of De Queens Clinic, who has working experience and expertise earned over a period of more than twenty years.

While talking about the Clinic, Thiwat Saetia stated that

I had the idea in my head: what people care about and would like to improve? What can I offer them besides medical services? The answer was — good looking and the first impression. So I desired to open the beauty clinic. My vision was to create a premium beauty clinic with fair prices that everyone can touch. Our motto is to make clients satisfy their appearance. When our clients are happy and continue to visit our clinic, it’s the best sign of success for me.

The popular beauty clinic not just restrains its operations to the Thai clients but is adamant about giving the best of their services to customers from every part of the world. This global approach has rendered the beauty clinic entity to delve into the use of cryptocurrencies as a potent mode of payments. The well-known spearhead affirmed that the FoPay payment gateway would help to get away with the complexities involved with the intermediaries, which will eventually result in reduced transaction costs.

Thiwat quoted that

Accepting cryptocurrency will make our business relevant to people worldwide. People around the world will be able to get in touch with us, allowing us to expand the business.

She further added that

The first time when I heard about FoPay, I was very interested in this kind of payment method. As I have focused on cryptocurrency for a while, I liked the way of transfer the cryptocurrency without bank charges.

The leader affirmed that traditional payment methods lead to increased expenses, which are incurred in the form of bank fees, the swing of the exchange rate, etc. She added that by utilizing the FoPay payment mechanism, her beauty clinic would save a substantial amount of funds, which are otherwise expended as fee charges. Also, it will ensure that there is no hassle during the exchange process. She opined that very soon, FoPay will evolve as a leading payment method.

While talking about the future plans for her clinic, Thiwat said that

We are going to expand our business abroad, let the people around the world know our brand name, and come to visit us.

She encouraged entrepreneurs to explore the merits of cryptocurrencies and employ them in their business modules for achieving success. She opined that the digital world is full of lucrative opportunities, and people should start implementing it in their day to day operations.


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