Thailand Will Use Blockchain Technology to Monitor Agro Products

Thailand’s Trade Policy and Strategy and Office (TPOS) has announced that a blockchain technology-based project is in the pipeline for monitoring export quality agricultural products.

In her official statement, TPOS Director-General Pimchanok Vonkorpon commented,

We have already talked to farmers and some 5,000 growers from Surin province will participate in the project.

She also said,

We expect that the project will start in the middle of the next year, and if successful, we will extend it to other agricultural products.

As a leading producer of organic rice, Thailand exported 16,500 tons of organic rice in 2018. It is determinant to produce 247,000 tons of organic rice.

Pimchanok Vonkorpon said the project would be operational as soon as the office receives the operating budget for the fiscal year 2020. She further said that TPSO would soon advance its discussions with blockchain experts and other associated authorities and also with financial institutions for the development of the blockchain-based application in this sector.

The blockchain system will be used to monitor the cultivation process. It will deploy a camera in the rice fields to keep a tab of the growth of the crops. It will also ensure that the crop is grown under organic process. The packaging procedure will also ensure the place of cultivation.

The system will inculcate confidence among the farmers as the process will reduce the fears of rejection of their products on the grounds of adulteration. The blockchain system will also be useful for license subrogation that will add more value to the agro products. It will further enhance the opportunities in global export markets as per Pimchanok.

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