Thales Uses DAO-first Round to Raise $2.5 Million

In an important development, Thales has successfully raised $2.5 million through an investment round led by the Apollo Capital and Framework Ventures. The company has also expressed its gratitude to LD Capital, ChainCatcher, Zee Prime Capital, and Honey DAO for providing their valuable logistical support during the process of this money-raising exercise. It is a positive indicator that Thales has been able to get on board with so many well-known personalities from the world of strategy, entrepreneurship, and developers’ communities.

In terms of the Angel investors, some of the prominent names that have expressed their faith and confidence on the platform include Nocturnalsheet, Ryon Nixon, Joe Buttram, Nick Tong, and Philippe Perzi, among others. With all such prominent names on the list of investors, Thales is confident that the protocol it’s developing for supporting the binary options in the trading will find favor with the potential investors. The team was confident that the guidance and support from the elite group of investors would help them develop the platform and run and manage it in the long term success.

According to the terms and conditions of the investment rounds, 24 months have been set as the token vesting period. The unlocking process will start from the date of the event when the token generation takes place, indicating that the distribution will happen without any sharp variations.

Thales completed this particular round of investment using the philosophy of DAO-first. This method was chosen because this methodology allows the model of tokenholder-centric governance to be established without any unnecessary time delay. This is important to achieve the true spirit of decentralization and helping stakeholders coordinate with each other for more productivity and efficiency.

Thales is specifically looking to develop options for the retail audience who wants to have more liberty and set of tools for their investment in the market makers and instruments of speculation. Besides, the platform focuses on the opportunities in the insurance and arbitrage segments to expand its future operations.

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