The 2nd Batch of TRC20-USDT Rewards for Merry Giveaway Held by TRON and OKX is Over

The “Merry Giveaway” program by TRON and OKX has now been completed for the second batch. The second phase of the hyped giveaway began at midnight on November 25 and ended at the last minute of November 28. As per a tweet by Tron Foundation, the total deposit amount for the period stood at 86.56 million USDT, while the total current net position is 54.3 million USDT.

The giveaway program, divided into three phases, began on November 21, and the first phase ended at 23.59 on November 24. The third and final phase of the giveaway began at midnight on November 29 and will continue till 23.59 on December 3. In a post on Medium, Tron Foundation said,

“As it’s planned, the current activity reward is based on the deposit amount of participating users, and the users will be rewarded with 8% and 33% annualized rate according to their deposit amount. During the event, the platform will take no less than 50 asset snapshots of all participating user accounts each day. Until 29th of November 2019, the total deposit amount of the participating users is 86.56 Million USDT, and the current total amount of net position is 54.3 Million.”

All the rewards for the “Merry Giveaway” will be distributed within 15 working days after the third phase ends on December 3. To join the giveaway, users need to login on the OKEx website or mobile application and log into their accounts. The giveaway is part of the bigger promotional program for the TRC20-USDT token, which was launched in October. To know more about the crypto trading platform, check out this OKX review here.


In a bid to expand the reach of Tether (USDT), it was launched on the TRON Blockchain after a successful stint on Bitcoin-based USDT on the Omni Layer Protocol, and then on the Ethereum as ERC20-USDT. OKX, a leading crypto exchange, has been among the early platforms to offer the TRC20-USDT trade, where major players like Huobi Global are leading the way.

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