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The acquisition of CTG by Uniswap Labs will scale up onchain experiences

The acquisition of CTG by Uniswap Labs will scale up onchain experiences

CTG (Crypto: The Game) is well known as an interactive and onchain internet game among gaming enthusiasts. The creative team at the CTG will become a part of the Uniswap Labs, and they will continue their mission by working on the much-awaited Season 3. The creative team at CTG is passionate about experimenting with onchain experiences for the Uniswap community. 

Uniswap Labs was extremely busy with activities like shipping UniswapX, submitting v4 for security audits, introducing the Uniswap wallet, and supporting more chains recently. They have only one goal: to create products offering the best onchain experiences for end users.

The top management team at Uniswap is delighted to welcome CTG to the company. ‘Crypto: The Game’ was initially launched as an interactive onchain game, and the thrilling game is loaded with surprises and fun. Game addicts can explore brand-new crypto experiences as the acquisition comes into effect. The Season 3 version of ‘Crypto: The Game’ has colorful themes, dramatic twists, and fascinating onchain features.

X and Farcaster are the appropriate places to stay informed about everything associated with CTG. It is a splendid idea to follow Uniswap Labs on X for exciting, fabulous product updates and hot news. CTG is an onchain experience that imitates television shows like Survivor with a funny element of crypto. It includes the participation of numerous contestants, but the amount involved in the transaction has not yet been disclosed. The top management of Uniswap Labs has high hopes for the upcoming season, and CTG has created huge buzz and excitement. According to the report published in a leading magazine, Uniswap Labs acquired the crypto-themed game in a cash, token, and equity mixed deal.

The founders of CTG will continue as employees of Uniswap Labs, and Uniswap Labs was not available for immediate comments. “Crypto: The Game,” launched in early 2024, had created ripples as an onchain game. The acquisition happens when Uniswap Labs is facing uncertainty and legal hurdles. “Crypto: The Game” is equipped with growing popularity among the cryptocurrency community and its addictive nature as a web game. A top official at Uniswap Labs said they would pay attention to making onchain experiences smart, funny, and engaging.


It is perceived that the recent acquisition will make onchain experiences more fun and attractive than ever before. The game will become an attractive brochure for Uniswap’s wallet or exchange, and the game’s cofounder believes Season 3 will be the best for them. “Crypto: The Game’’ has gained a cult-like image within the crypto community, and its fandom is a lovely mix of crypto freaks, venture capitalists, world-famous crypto influencers, and founders of venture capital firms. The game illustrates a colorful panorama within the global cryptocurrency community, showcasing the spirit of a thrilling game from start to finish.

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