The Algorand Blockchain Is Now on the AWS Marketplace: Guardrail

Guardrail announced today that the Algorand blockchain would be available on the AWS Marketplace. This serves as a huge benefit to those who have minimal experience in cloud and blockchain technology.

The announcement was made through a blog post on the official website of the Algorand Foundation. The blog post also mentions that it will support its customers on the latest MainNet node versions.


Guardrail has been assisting small and medium enterprises since the launch of AWS in 2003. The Algorand Blockchain is another addition to the list. Its co-founders have so far helped 50 start-ups in their early stage to reach a high valuation through acquisition.

It highly focuses on those start-ups that are created to adopt cloud technology. Some of its successful collaborations include the first social gaming platform, the first ride-sharing app, and the first mobile social network.

The recent collaboration of Guardrail includes AWS’s top consulting partner on the CRN’s 2019 Global Fast Growth 150.

Algorand Blockchain Is Now On The AWS Marketplace

Guardrail broke the news to its customers about the availability of Algorand blockchain on the AWS Marketplace.

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Algorand blockchain technology’s availability on the AWS Marketplace signifies an expanding scope for the users of AWS Marketplace. They will now be able to self-deploy the entire node infrastructure of the Algorand blockchain through a single command on AWS.

Users are required to possess knowledge of nodes and blockchain technology. They could be at the beginner’s level and still participate in the process.

A minimal experience in node and blockchain technology is sufficient to qualify the handling of a maximum of 1,000 nodes on the network. This includes the Relay Node, Participation Node, and Indexer Node.

All the nodes can be spread out in 24 different regions. Users will be able to operate the nodes through their registered account on AWS within 30 minutes.

Guardrail will support its customers by distributing the source code. It will also keep them updated with the latest version of the MainNet node found on Alogrand GitHub. The release of Algorand blockchain on the AWS Marketplace was validated by its core team. It has also been certified for high-stakes participation.


Chris Econn, the Chief Executive Officer of Guardrail, called AWS and Algorand blockchain powerful. He stated that Guardrail had applied its experience of 13 years to ensure that nothing stood in between its customers and them, realizing the power of AWS and Algorand blockchain.

Staci Warden, the Chief Executive Officer of Algorand Foundation, said that they worked closely with Guardrail for the smooth release of its blockchain technology. She added that the team was looking to leverage the cloud to enhance their blockchain technology in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

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